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The first group of Historical-Military Reconstruction in Romania.

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The first group of Historical-Military Reconstruction in Romania. Empty The first group of Historical-Military Reconstruction in Romania.

Post  wfrad Fri 15 Jan 2021, 11:55 pm

The page translations don't work for everything,, but at least they have made the effort to translate for the English, French German and Italian languages, more than many sites have.

From the site:
History and Objectives
The Association “Traditia Militara” (“Military Tradition” or ATM), first Romanian member of the European Union of Military Historical Groups, is the oldest such group officially registered in Romania, focusing on 19th and 20th centuries. Our Honorary President was the Academy member Dinu C.Giurescu, while our military adviser and honorary member of the group is the former Director of
the National Military Museum, Col.Dr.V.Popa. We have participated in numerous events, ceremonies,
demonstrations and battle reenactments, in Romania and abroad, in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia, starting with the year 2004. We are the first group ever to be invited by the General Staff of the Romanian Army to participate in the official military parade at the Triumph Arch on the National Holiday, on December 1st, every year since 2009. We aim to bring to life the military history for the benefit of the public and also in order to experience it ourselves. Thus, we honour former generations, their efforts and sacrifice. We strive to assist research in the field of military history, safe-keeping and restoration of military-historical patrimony, expand the cooperation with similar, foreign organizations, promoting mutual respect
for the soldiers of the respective nations, who have honestly and courageously served their countries.

We cultivate the traditions of 10 prestigious Romanian military units: Regiment 2 Vânatori Gardă “Regina Elisabeta” (chasseurs), Batalion 1 Vânători de Munte “Regele Carol II.” (mountain troops),
Regiment 1 Grăniceri Gardă (Border Guards), Regiment 4 Dorobanţi “Argeş” (territorial troops), Regiment IV Linie 21 Infanterie “Ilfov”, Batalion 4 Paraşutişti, Batalion de Gardă Regală, Compania de Pompieri Militari Bucuresti (1848), Marine Infantry Regiment, Regiment 2 Romanische Grenzer Nasaud (K.u.K. Romanian border guards). We cover the historical period after the year 1806.

The members of our group have bought original items or have had uniforms and gear manufactured, based on a thorough study of the archives, including edged weapons and fire arms replicas, congruent with the original historical items, for each of the different time periods to be commemorated. They often have drills and exercises according to the ancient military regulations, in order to ensure that their appearance at events is a correct reflection of military history.

During our activities, at home or abroad, we cooperate, based on official, signed and sealed documents, with the National Military Museum in Bucharest, the National Office for Heroe’s Cult, the Bucharest City Hall, the General Staff of the Romanian Army, the Romanian Gendarmerie, other military institutions and museums, war veterans, local authorities in several regions, groups similar to ours throughout the world. With these groups we have strived to establish friendly relationships,



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