NSW CD Plate 94

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NSW CD Plate 94

Post  Admin on Tue 10 Feb 2009, 3:06 pm

In my haste to produce this CD I duplicated the text of Plate 93 on Plate 94.
The correct text is:
Corporal, 5th Infantry Regiment (NSW Scottish Rifles), 1901
This junior NCO is ready for a day on the range. He has replaced the usual Glengarry with the infantry's standard felt hat. This is plain, without a badge but with a red pleated puggaree.
The standard unit jacket is worn with black on red rank chevrons on the right sleeve.
His waist belt is shown in the photograph below, with its round clasp.
Instead of the usual kilt he wears trews in the unit's version of Government tartan. This was a more utilitarian piece of kit for training and field duties.
He is armed with a Lee-Enfield rifle.


Thanks to Michael Prevezer


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