CD11 Uniforms of the British West Indies Plate 71

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CD11 Uniforms of the British West Indies Plate 71

Post  Sean on Mon 04 Mar 2013, 5:36 am

Sergeant, Mounted Section, Trinidad & Tobago Police Force, 1937

Ceremonial duties generally called for special units and uniforms, and many WI police forces utilised their mounted sections for these activities.

This senior NCO wears a plain Wolesley helmet with white metal spike and chin chain.

The jacket is lancer pattern with a red plastron front. On the shoulders are white metal chains, worn in the past by Indian Cavalry as protection against sword cuts but now a purely ornamental addition.

On the left chest is worn an aiguillette of blue cord with white metal ends.

Around the waist is worn a girdle of silver lace and blue braid.

On both sleeves are silver lace chevrons of rank, on blue backing.

The breeches have two white stripes down each outer seam, and are worn with Butcher riding boots.

The Mounted Section carries lances with red and white pennants.


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