Observatory School Cadet Corps 1906

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Observatory School Cadet Corps 1906

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Full Dress Uniform for Officers of the Observatory School Cadet Corps 1906

Tunic – Blue serge, no yoke at back, 5 buttons in front of white metal with Colonial Coat-of-Arms, the two outside pockets breast plain patch with a pleat towards the arm sleeve with straight flaps to button, pockets to be in line with the second button from the top. Shoulder straps of same material, edged with silver tracing lace, collar and cuffs of scarlet superfine cloth, pointed cuffs edged with silver tracing lace, with a crow’s foot on point and 6 ½” from bottom of sleeve. Stand collar with silver lace at collar seams, two hooks at front of collar and Colonial Coat-of-Arms 1 ½” from front edge.

Trousers – Same material as tunic with half inch scarlet piping at sides, 2 cross pockets with strap and buckle at back.

Field Service Cap – Same as Cape Mounted Riflemen, of same material as above, the scarlet crown with two white metal buttons and edged with silver lace and black patent leather chin strap with Colonial Coat-of-Arms badge.


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