Oudtshoorn Volunteer Rifles 1906

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Oudtshoorn Volunteer Rifles 1906

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Frock – Khaki Serge (super fine) Norfolk pattern with roll collar, breast, and side pockets; with distinctive badges of rank worn on the shoulders.

Trousers – Khaki Serge (super fine) with Infantry red stripe.

Head Dress – Forage cap (khaki) with peak carrying yellow metal badge in front, Arms of the Colony superscribed “Spes Bona”.

Belt Waist – Sam Browne pattern.

Sword – General service pattern.

Gloves – Brown kid.

Buttons – Universal pattern, arms of Colony yellow metal.

For field work, etc., a smasher hat is worn, looped up on the left side with yellow metal badge O.V.R.

Other Ranks

Frock – Khaki Serge general service pattern, rolled down collar, and shoulder knots of twisted braid, breast pockets only. Buttons brass general service arms of the Colony. Distinctive marks, white, on red cloth on both shoulders.

Trousers – Khaki Serge general service side pockets, with Infantry red stripe.

Head Dress – Cap Khaki Serge, Field service pattern, white metal badge O.V.R. Smasher hat as for Officers white metal badge O.V.R.

Full Dress

Tunic – Infantry pattern, scarlet cloth, with blue facings. Buttons, white metal, with arm of the Colony.

Trousers – Blue cloth, with red stripe.

Head Dress – White Colonial Helmet, white metal fittings, badge Arms of the Colony superscribed “Spes Bona”. Cap, dark blue cloth, French peaked.


Frock or Jacket – Khaki twill, Indian pattern with two breast pockets only. Buttons white metal as above.

Trousers – Khaki twill (Indian pattern) with red stripe.

Hat – Smasher, looped up left side, white metal badge O.V.R.

Collar Badges – Arms of the Colony (small) in white metal, superscribed “Spes Bona”.


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