Eastern Frontier Rifles, India, 1922

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Eastern Frontier Rifles, India, 1922

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Uniform and Clothing

111. (1) The Commandant will purchase all clothing included in the standard kit of the battalion under his command and stock them in the Quartermaster’s store for issue to the men, when necessary.

(2) All khaki uniform, walking out dress, etc., will be made up under battalion arrangements.

(3) Every newly-enlisted sepoy will be provided with a kit comprising the articles mentioned in rule 112 below.

NOTE.- A sepoy transferred from a regiment or a constable from the civil police, if he fills a permanent vacancy in the Bengal Battalion, will be considered a newly-enlisted sepoy.

(4) A grant of Rs.50 will be made by Government towards the cost of clothing of every newly-enlisted sepoy on enlistment and thereafter an annual grant of Rs.10 will be made towards the cost of maintenance. Any cost incurred in excess of the prescribed grant should be deducted from the pay of the men by monthly deductions of Rs.1 to Rs.2.

(5) The initial grant and the annual maintenance allowance will be credited to the clothing accounts of the individuals for whom they are drawn and will be expended under the orders of the Commandant. The articles purchased, however, and any sum standing to the credit of the account will remain the property of the State until the sepoy has completed three years’ service and, if he becomes non-effective within that period, his kit will be sold and the proceeds and balance in hand credited to Government. After three years the clothing will belong to the sepoy and any balance of the maintenance grant not spent at the end of the year will be refunded to the sepoy. No recovery on account of price of clothing will be made from the man within three years of his service.

(6) Except shirts and jerseys, articles of underclothing have not been included in the list of standard kit. A recruit will buy his own underclothing from the canteen of from private traders.

(7) Without the sanction of the Inspector-General of Police no articles may be added to the list and no sepoy may be required to purchase any articles of clothing not contained in the list.

(Cool Sealed examples of the various articles of clothing will be kept in the office of the Inspector-General of Police and no variations will be permitted without his sanction.

(9) Every newly-enlisted boy will be provided with the following clothing:-

Two khaki half pants.
Two khaki shirts.
Two blankets.
One durrie.
One mosquito-curtain.
One felt hat.
One singlet.

(10) Each boy will receive Rs.16 for first kit on enlistment and Rs.5 per annum for maintenance from the next year.

112. List of articles to form a standard kit:-

Two blankets.
One durrie.
Two khaki coats.
One pair khaki knickers or trousers.
Two pair shorts.
Two pair putties.
One felt hat.
One Kilmarnock cap.
Two leather chin straps.
One coat, British, warm (Dacca Battalion may substitute water-proof cape).
One haversack.
Two pairs boots.
Two khaki twill shirts.
Three brushes.
Two pairs footwear.
One jersey.
One mosquito-net.
Rope for bedding.
One walking out dress.


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