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Don't throw out your old computer.

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Don't throw out your old computer. Empty Don't throw out your old computer.

Post  wfrad Thu 29 Apr 2021, 9:49 pm

If the specs of your computer is struggling with the blotted Windows 10, or you're just fed up with waiting for it to load and update there is an alternative.
Linux has a number of options that may come to the rescue.  It's not perfect, then again Win10 isn't either, but you do have more control over what you need rather than what Microsoft forces you to have.
There's a small learning curve, but there's ample help available on-line, and most of your needs will be accommodated.

I've no official connection with Linux, other than someone who just got sick of  being force fed all of the Microsoft Don't throw out your old computer. 1f4a9 that was integrated into the system.
Many people have being surprised at how easy the transition from Windows to Linux actually is, so it may just be an alternative than shelling out for a new computer.


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