Swiss 1939-45

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Swiss 1939-45

Post  mconrad on Sun 05 Feb 2012, 6:13 am

Some pictures from Bilder aus der Schweiz 1939-1945, by Burri and Maissen, 1997.

During maneuvers.

Night guard.

Mountain infantry on bivouac.

Engineer troops at a "gasoline-mixing station."

Divine services at the dedication of a monument.

Signals officer.

Swiss air force, recconaissance mapping room.

Women auxiliaries.

Materiel testing establishment, St. Gallen.

Embroidery workshop.

Officer's hat.

Repatriation of French spahis, February 1941.

Supposed to be an American internee. Looks a little French to me. What's that tiny badge on his chest?

Polish internees. I presume ex-French army from the 1940 campaign.

Swiss soldiers bringing in a wounded Italian, 1943.

Supposed to be detritus from the Italian Savoia cavalry regiment. I think it might be carabinieri.


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