Hobart Town Volunteer Artillery Company 1859

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Hobart Town Volunteer Artillery Company 1859

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From the HOBART TOWN ADVERTISER Wednesday 2nd November 1859

A meeting of the HOBART TOWN VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY COMPANY assembled at Mr Toby's Criterion Hotel, in Liverpool Street on Friday evening last, for the purpose advertised in this journal of the 2nd instant.

Mr. Kilburn was unanimously voted to the chair.

The minutes of the sub-committee meeting, and its report on the rules etc having been read, a resolution that the report be adopted, was unanimously agreed to.

The meeting then proceeded to consider the "Conditions of Service" and "Rules & Regulations” variations, and after some trifling amendments in the latter, the whole was adopted.

After some discussion on uniforms, the following was determined upon:-

Blue tunics, with scarlet facings
- those of officers to be frogged & braided in front (black braid)
- those of bombardiers to have a single row of frogs down the front, and one gold chevon on the right arm.
- those of gunners, the same as bombardiers without the chevron.

Trousers blue, with broad scarlet stripes down the outer seams, white for summer.

Caps, new French pattern with broad peak, to be of blue cloth, with scarlet band, and gold ornament in front, of which pattern will be furnished.

Officers to wear regulation sword, with black sling belt and crimson sash around the waist.

Bombardiers and gunners to wear black leather belt with snake hooks.

An entrance fee of 2s 6d to cover pecuniary expenses was then fixed, and ordered to be added to the rules.

After a resolution having been passed for the printing of the rules, it was proposed by D. Lewis esquire, and seconded by S.N. Spong esquire, and carried unanimously:-
"That the gentleman recommended by the subcommittee - Augustus Frederick SMITH esquire, of the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, be accepted as the Adjutant of the Company, and that he be requested to act in that capacity until His Excellency's pleasure be known."

Mr Smith, in returning thanks, assured the Company, that it should have no reason to regret having bestowed upon him so honorable a token of its confidence, and that he should always endeavour to make the study of artillery an agreeable pursuit to the members.

Another resolution was then passed, requesting the chairman to take certain steps with regard to offering the services of the Company to His Excellency, the Governor, and other details, which Mr Kilburn consented to do.

The meeting, after passing the usual vote of thanks in the chairman, then adjourned to a day to be appointed by the Acting Adjutant, to receive the report of the chairman and for other business, of which meeting, due notice will be given.

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