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Libyan Savari

Post  buistR on Wed 02 Mar 2011, 6:43 am

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With Libya currently much in the news, it might be interesting to look at the method used by the Italian Royal Corps of Libyan Troops during the colonial period of 1912-1942 to distinguish their fairly numerous indigenous cavalry and infantry units. Attached is a photograph of the "farmila" (waistcoat) worn by the 3rd Tripolitanian Squadron of "Savari" - the regular cavalry. Each squadron had its own distinctive combinations of colours - both for the farmila itself, its complex braiding, its waist sash and the squadron pennon. Consequently there was an almost infinite variety of options available. The farmila and sash were worn over a simple white uniform (for parade) or khaki for less formal occasions. During the North African campaign of WWII some Libyan units continued to wear their colourful sashes - on occasion even as a make-shift turban. A similar system was followed for the Libyan infantry battalions, artillery and spahis (irregular cavalry). There was even a Libyan parachute battalion during the 1930s who wore light blue farmilas and sashes with white braiding (though presumably not while jumping).


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