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Cavalry of Paraguay

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I spread 2 photos of a cavalry of Paraguay. The first a photo-cavalry of Paraguay In the middle of 19 centuries at the time of Lopez or an earlier-beautiful uniform. At this time it was one of the best in regione-was trained by instructors from England. During war 1864-70 inflicted over the opponent defeat.
The second a photo-cavalry of Paraguay in the beginning of 20 centuries. It is visible that a cavalry in a bad condition-it and has not recovered after war 1864-70. Uniforms in general are not present.
I have article about revolution of 1908 in Paraguay-from it I do a conclusion that at this time till 1915 of an aria as that was not-was only police-in the next Wednesday hundred years of revolution on July, 2nd 1908, also known as that “2 of Ladannika” which was thrown because of the earth by the government liberal - civil - the general and doctor Benigno Ferrejra are carried out. The ominous era of blows and retaliations between members of two features of Liberal party began.

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Friends of four years have behind faced in the facts of July 1908. In a photo, among other, the general and doctor Benigno Ferrejra and Don Adolfo Rikelme.

The first years of the Paraguayan XX-th century were indistinct enough. Murders, mutinies, traumatic changes of the governments were a constant. “At it is more revolutions than Paraguay” it there was a phrase from which many concerned contemptiously in our country. As one of the main leaders of these disorders was the greatest then Albino Jara, each time when the thunder rattled, women Mercadoguasъ exclaimed: “Aipуa piko бra, terapa Ladannik jevyэma”.

On July, 2nd 1908 as we have told, mutiny which has taken down the government of president Benigno Asunsion Ferrejra, civil sector, in the power from revolution 1904 which has opened the liberal period in our political history has blown up.

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Inquisitive people observe the destructions caused by bombardment which was object Department of the Policeman.

From days earlier, any signs because of the epoch press have met, but they have not been interpreted in its knightly tournament measured by the Government which has continued to be quiet in its days. Really, in its edition from June, 15th 1908, a Diary operated Adolfo Rikelme, editorializaba the comment under head: “Revolution?”, as ignoring that from its pages has been encouraged against the Government. “But whom rebellious movement is expected?”, he enquired.: “national Republican Party?”: “liberals who do not accompany in a dominating circle?”: “barracks?”: “Any ministers against those who assure, the modest antipathy exists?”.

Revolution and its protagonists

The civil head of revolutionary movement was, Don Adolfo Rikelme - then the director of the newspaper the Diary-. To carry out the project, have organised in reserve “revolutionary committee”, united because of civil and military. The reason which they hinted, consisted that the government of the general and doctor Benigno Ferrejra “not only has not executed and used the purposes and intentions of emancipating revolution 1904”.

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Traces of gun shots which were transferred by National Theatre. In the fund, the subsequent damaged facade of Department of the Policeman.

Civil members of this revolutionary committee have gone: Мануэль Ex, Eusebio Ajala, Gvalberto Kardus Uerta, Felix Paiva, Emiliano Roxas, JosÚ I. Lull, Markos Kabalero Kodas, Nestor Koljar, Markos Kuaranta, Marsial Viljalba, Kintin Parini, Gregorio Ferrejra, М Bбez, Kasiano Kabalero, Donato Alonso, Buenaventura Gonsales, Isidro Ramires, Ramon Lara Castro, Liberato Roxas, Eduardo Shaerer, Carlos Miranda, Guillermo Sosa, Carlos Sosa, Emiliano Valdovinos and Adolfo Rikelme.

Ameriko Benites, JosÚ D.Soda, Enrike Oliver, Fidel Ferrejra, Thomas Mendosa, JosÚ М Valenzuela, Romualdo Kanete, Aureliano Gomes, Migel Akosta, Alfredo Medina, Roke Samanego, Juan Cross Garcete, Felipe S. Gonsales, Isaak Duarte, Onorio Alfonso, Juan K.Lopez, Rolando Ibarra, Ramon Beharano, Patrisio Alehandrino Eskobar, Manuel Roxas, Carlos Goiburu, Husto Eskobar, Timoteo Agirre, Alfonso Ajala, Gregorio Viljamajor, Jasinto Morinigo, Fransisko M.Lopez, Marsial Urbeta, Alfredo Melo, Ermohenes Roxas and Pedro Belief were the military men who have been got involved in conspiracy Albino Jara.

Day D (you)

In day and hour to begin disorders, they have not been fixed still, but before possibility movement to be opened, on July, 2nd at midnight, Albino Jara, with the group united by JosÚ I. Lull, Markos Kabalero Kodas, Markos Kuaranta, Marsial Viljalba, Gregorio Ferrejra, Kasiano Kabalero, Kintin Parini and P. Bбez, has got into barracks of Artillery and they have made it it, grasping second lieutenant Velilla (the official of the policeman) and captain Duarte, by means of cooperation of any officials of the body beforehand compromised.

Other group ordering Ameriko Benites, accompanied Emiliano Roxas, Nestor Koljar and second lieutenants of Alfonso and Isaak Duarte, has penetrated, simultaneously, in barracks of the Regiment of Infantry N ░ 2 (then Military School) where they have managed to seize it, by means of cooperation of officials of a plant of a regiment of JosÚ D.Soda, JosÚ М Valenzuela, Romualdo Kanete, Migel Akosta and Aureliano Gomes.

They remained such in the power of revolt, Artillery and Infantry.

All it occurred in noses of the Central Department of the Policeman and battalions of safety and firemen - true in the Government-.

In three o'clock in the morning, Police has paid attention to movement and by phone has informed the fact to president Ferrejra, the minister of War and Sea coast, captain Manuel Duarte, and the minister of the Internal premise, Benнtez. But already was late. The facts were made.

Minister Duarte has tried to arrive to Police, but could not: it has been grasped by lieutenant Isaak Duarte when went there, at the corner of streets Chiles and the Star. The same has occurred to commander Ipolito Nunes.

Blood and death

The beginnings plentiful shooting between forces of Regiment N ░ 2 and 2 Polices; these were placed in heights of house Patri (today Mail Headquarters), at National Theatre and other strategic places. In 6 o'clock in the morning, general Ferreira accompanied from its house Christian Eisekke - its political - the relative and the official of sea coast and five seamen from Prefecture of Ports, has arrived to the Government Palace where then was, the policeman of seventy men has increased.

The commander of the ship "Release" (eks - "Saxony"), thinking that was told at once about minister Duarte against head of the Policeman (apparently communications were not ideals) and before violent shooting, it has started to do fire also, shooting at 117 gun shots in the Police building, causing the big harm in lives and materials. Only it has cancelled fire when it has received usages Ferreira to shoot at Regiment N ░ in 2. It has made the moments until he has not noticed an adverse position of the President. It has compelled it to change the decree, conceding in revolt, overturning good luck it did the rebellious.

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Any of protagonists of both decrees

Forces of Police repeatedly tried to leave its placing in desperate attacks, but in all cases they have been rejected by fire of infantry and fire of the revolutionary artillery placed in places, whence they considered them completely dominating.

While artillery and infantry fire atronaba a city, there have arrived to barracks 2 Infantries any civil members and military men of Revolutionary Committee; between military men appeared lieutenant colonel Patrisio A. to sweep, greatest Manuel Roxas and captain Husto Eskobar. To these forces the company of seamen has increased then.

After each attempt of an exit of forces of Police or attacks of rebels of that they took true establishment in the government, they remained five, ten, twenty corpses and wounded men who, in the middle of fire, have been picked up by journalists Raphael Barrett and JosÚ Bertotto, are protected by distinctions of the Red Cross, in cars and cars to which he spent them to Public welfare where they have been served.

Shooting from July, 2nd has proceeded without calmness from 5 o'clock in the morning even outside of midnight; it has continued 3rd with the same intensity, conceding more and more volunteers to the rebels which slogan, to be recognised, consisted “In Winning it or to die” and "Artillery" or “2 ░ the Battalion”.

Negotiations and the end

On July, 3rd, in eleven o'clock in the morning were, eventually, moved of Police of force of Elias Garsija, but have continued to be strong in other places, such as the Cathedral, Public Prison, Internal Taxes and Railway station...

Meanwhile, diplomatic corps has united taking up a post in a residence, and he has asked on July, 4th an armistice at at war to concern any satisfactory decision. Co-ordinated an armistice, there has arrived to the Palace of the Government the dean of a body Edward Т. О'брайен. After parlamentar with president Ferrejra, it was the bearer of conditions of the representative, the conditions, which rebels have rejected flatwise. Before persistence of diplomats, has conceded Ferreira and has refused, together with its ministers, remaining all under diplomatic corps protection, in which embassies have found a shelter, after being are spent to them by the same, accompanied military men.

The resignation of president Benigno Ferrejra which has been handed over O’Brien and because of it in Revolutionary Committee, spoke: “Asuncion, July 4 1908. In Dear Congress of the nation. Before the made facts, I represent V. under the direction of the President of Republic. I welcome V.H., attentively. B.Ferrejra”.

Known news, its supporters have dissipated or have handed over as prisoners: Ferreira has been accompanied to its exit Palacio, because of Albino Jara. It finished so an era of the civil. New owners of the power - “Revolutionary Committee” - declared a state of siege because of one month, have promoted victorious military men and have dismissed supporters in the taken down Government, between those Manuel H. Duarte's captains and Elias Ajala were whom; lieutenant colonels Pastor Kabanjas Saguer, Elias Garsija (in which replacement has accepted Adolfo Rikelme), Ipolito Nunes, among the other. The dissolved National Congress, “Revolutionary Committee” has appointed vice-president Emiliano Gonsales Navero to be engaged time Presidency of Republic. Municipal quartermaster Eduardo Shaerer who next years would earn such popularity as the political leader has been appointed and would be one of the main protagonists of other loser made of the weapon fratricidal, "revolution" 1922/23.

Though that this occurred antipathy has left one century ago any formation to a Paraguayan society.

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