Einsatzstab Rosenberg

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Einsatzstab Rosenberg

Post  wfrad on Mon 27 Dec 2010, 4:37 am

Hope you have all survived the family Christmas..

While watching a program about the art that was stolen or relocated, depending on your political views, from occupied countries by Rosenberg’s collectors I thought it may interest at least one or maybe two to have a rank chart of Rosenbergs art crabbers.
Also mentioned, which tends to be sidelined is the near mutiny of the American officers ordered to snatch the Prussian states best artwork for relocation to the USA. After all, wasn’t that what the Nazis did too Eastern Europe, take the artworks for safe keeping away from those who owned it?

I believe if it wasn’t for the outcry caused by the US army officers and a one or two others the Prussian art may never have been returned to Germany but that's another story.

So for no other reason that something better to do than watch thirty year old films here’s what I’ve come up with. A half baked rank chart!
Also the jury are out over what colour piping was used for lower ranks and to the style of braid for the senior ranks, as for the buttons I would think that they could have the eagle on them but as to colour and composition I've no idea.
The collar tabs of the uniform, which I believe was a shade of brown, were red for staff members and a darker ruby red for others, also as far as I can find out the collar tabs for the Sonderstab Berlin were also red.
Information mainly taken from Jill Halcomb’s book on German Foreign Office Uniforms ’38-’45..

So, not a lot and here’s wishing everyone a happy New Year.


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