High-ranking Russians, c. 1860

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High-ranking Russians, c. 1860

Post  mconrad on Fri 24 Dec 2010, 1:30 pm

From a Russian book "1857-1861 - Perepiska Aleksandrom II s Konstantinom Nikolaevichem" (royal correspondence between the tsar and his brother, who headed the navy and was involved in government-wide reforms).

Below: Prince A. F. Orlov

Below: Graf F. F. Berg, and the two Muravev brothers, M. N. and N. N., both grafs. N.N. is in a cossack general's uniforms.

Below: Prince N. A. Orlov, N. O. Sukhozanet, and F. P. Litke (who is about to trip over his sword when he starts to stand up). General Orlov was wounded nine times while a general staff officer in the storming of Arab-Tabiya in 1854 on the Danube front during the Crimean War. He later was ambassador to Austria and England, advocated tolerance of Jews in the empire, and supported the abolition of corporal punishment.


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