St JohnAmbulance Brigade, 1941

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St JohnAmbulance Brigade, 1941

Post  Sean on Sun 08 Aug 2010, 3:17 am


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red cross

Post  wfrad on Sun 08 Aug 2010, 8:02 am

Hi Sean,

On page 26 is the British Red Cross [32 pages in total] taken from Rank and Badges in the Navy, Army, RAF and Auxiliaries.

Priced at six pence which would be around two and half new pence, if they still qualify as new pence after nearly forty years?
A badge not illustrated in the booklet is the overseas War Organisation of British Red Cross and Order of St John, this was your basic red cross within a rope type border on white backgroud not unlike the RN sick berth rating.
As I only have a B/W illustration I did a quick search for a coloured example, without success.



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