Mexican Police uniforms

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Mexican Police uniforms

Post  Sean on Mon 08 Mar 2010, 1:11 am

I know very little about the Mexican Police. Can anyone help with historical uniforms?
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Mexican Police

Post  Mike Blake on Sat 29 Oct 2016, 1:40 am

I do not have much:

Federal District Police
Responsible for Mexico City and the vicinity, under the Minister of the Interior. Commanded by an inspector with a staff of 6 officers, and 32 officers and 16 sergeants doing duty at city police stations. The mounted police consisted of 6 senior officers, 21 junior officers and 401 rank and file; foot police 9 senior officers, 72 junior officers (these officers were mounted too) and 1,820 rank and file.

Officers were armed with revolvers and sword.

Mounted policemen carried a brass-hilted sword and carbine carried slung across the back. Their uniform was tall black leather shako with white cap lines and shoulder cords; dark blue jacket and trousers with long black cavalry gaiters and ankle boots. A dark blue greatcoat is carried in a roll over the pommel and a blue valise on the cantle; dark blue saddle cloth marked with the letters ‘G.M.’ (Guardia Municipal). They always operated in pairs.

Foot police with a revolver and a truncheon. Their uniform was all dark blue: kepi, hooded greatcoat, tunic and trousers; back and sleeves of the tunic decorated with black braid.
Rural Federal Police: These operate in the country areas of the Federal Districts. There were 19 officers and 321 men.

Chapultapec Park Guard
Distinct from the federal police but armed and equipped the same, this small force had both a mounted branch, dressed in bottle green, and a foot branch, in grey.

State Police
These were of a lesser quality than the Federal District Police, though uniformed and armed the same as the foot branch, with truncheon and revolver. Described by one observer as the ‘awkward squad’ and depicted wearing dark blue single & double breasted tunics & trousers, a waistbelt with cartridge loops, and a tall white kepi. In the photograph an officer or NCO wears a rounder cap, crossed narrow belts across chest, and a sword or bayonet in a scabbard.

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