Grenada Police Force 1899

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Grenada Police Force 1899

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Rules, Regulations and Standing Orders for the Guidance and General Government of the Non-Commissioned Officers and Other Constables of the Grenada Police Force (1899)

[Page 20]


These consist of a rifle, bayonet, pouch-belt and pouch, waist-belt and staff, handcuffs and whistle. When sent to an out-station, the rifle, bayonet, pouch and pouch-belt are to be handed to the Armourer, Carriacou excepted.


Dress for Officers

Full Dress.— Dark blue plain patrol jacket.
,, ,, trousers with 2-inch black stripe.
Web sword-belt, gold-seamed slings and gold sword-knot.
White helmet with spike and chain.
Undress.— White patrol jacket with Grenada Police Force buttons.
Dark blue or white trousers.
Brown leather slings to sword-belt, brown sword-knot.
Forage caps with silver braid and silver crown.
Mess Dress.— Dark blue jacket with blue silk facings.
White waistcoat.
Dark blue trousers as above.
Sword.— Infantry pattern.

1. Police Constables, if retained at the expiration of their three months’ probation, will be clothed, armed, and quipped at the public expense in such manner as the Governor in Executive Council may from time to time direct, and every Constable will be furnished with a cot, bolster, and blanket. These articles are held in trust by the Police Constable and subject to the order and disposal of the Governor.
2. The Constable is liable to make good any loss of or damage done to such public property caused by other than fair wear and tear. Any injury done to a man’s clothing when on duty is to be immediately reported.

[Page 21]

3. Dress Regulations for Non-Commissioned Officers and Constables.

Full Dress.— Blue tunic with white collar.
,, trousers.
Helmet with spike and chain.
Belt with sword bayonet.
Rifle with sling.
Whistle. } Or black belt only
} as ordered
White Dress.— White tunic with collar.
,, trousers.
Helmet without spike, unless otherwise ordered.
Drill Order.— Blue tunic without collar.
,, trousers.
Forage caps.
Belt with sword bayonet.
Rifle with sling.

Every man on being taken on the strength of the Force will be furnished with the following arms, accoutrements, &c., for which he will be held personally responsible:—
1 Martini-Henry rifle, with cleaning rod, jag, sight protector, and sling complete.
1 Sword bayonet and scabbard.
1 Sword-belt and frog.
1 Black belt.
1 Truncheon.
1 Ammunition pouch.
1 Whistle.
2 Armlets.
3 Pair numbers, white metal.
1 Pair shoe brushes.
1 Cloth brush.
1 Button brush.
1 ,, stick.

When on out-station duty each man will be provided with a pair of handcuffs.
All articles of kit to be clearly marked with each man’s number.
4. In order to ensure uniformity in the dress and equip-

[Page 22]

ment of the Non-Commissioned Officers and men of the Police Force, the order of dress for the day will be given out each morning by the Sergeant-Major.
5. Non-Commissioned Officers and Constables in uniform when in mourning are to cover the second button of the tunic with black crape; this is the only mourning to be worn in uniform unless otherwise ordered.
6. Should any Non-Commissioned Officer or Constable lose by neglect or make away with any article of his clothing, equipment, or necessaries, he shall, in addition to any other punishment that may be awarded, be made to make good such article of clothing, &c., that he may have lost or made away with.
7. When from any cause an article of equipment becomes unserviceable, the fact should be brought to the notice of the Chief, who may order a fresh article to be issued in its place.


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