Portugeuse colonial uniforms WW2- East Timor.

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Portugeuse colonial uniforms WW2- East Timor.

Post  Raja on Fri 21 Aug 2009, 7:49 pm

I got some uniform info a few years ago( but not headgear/ equipment details) ,which may be of intrest. Europeans had kd tunics with a stand collar and possibly a black rectangulat collar patch with pointerd ends and a botton,breast pockets/2 side pockets ,shoulder straps and fly front. Breeches, puttees and yellow metal buttons.Not too sure if the m40 helmet was worn in the field or the WW1 fluted helmet , sun hat or broad brimmed hat.Equipment either the webbing or earlier (WW1 E. Africa) leather. Native/ Askari uniforms- tunic with stand and fall collar,collar patch,6 yellow metal buttons front of tunic,2breast /side pockets. Knee length breeches and a small pill box hat.Again equipment and helmets (if issued) are unknown. Possibly puttees or as in WW1 leather leggings plus sandals. Raja


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