Can anyone identify this uniform

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Can anyone identify this uniform

Post  bripar on Mon 03 Aug 2009, 2:14 am

This is a family photo and I am trying to determine who he is. Obviously taken with The Queen Mother but can anyone please help by identifying the uniform he is wearing or the medals.

Many thanks


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Re: Can anyone identify this uniform

Post  buistR on Mon 03 Aug 2009, 12:18 pm

Hi Brian - the uniform is the British Army's dark blue serge officers' No 1 dress first introduced on a trial basis in 1947. It was generally worn by serving officers for social functions and dress occasions through the 1950s, following the Coronation. It was never universally adopted for all ranks and by 1969 was described as "not now in normal use for parade wear". From 1963 on it had been largely replaced by the khaki No 2 dress and most officers would not now wear it after their Sandhurst days. The version shown (Sam Browne belt instead of crimson waist sash and no twisted gold shoulder cords) was the non-ceremonial version most commonly seen. It was also worn in Commonwealth armies and I remember my father - then a captain in the Royal New Zealand Artillery - wearing it to evening functions in the mid-1950s

The contributors on this site who know much more than I do about specific insignia and medals should be able to help with your search.


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