Army of Nassau Coats

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Army of Nassau Coats

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Army of Nassau Coats 1803 & 1809

1803-08 Coat
Coats were of a common pattern for all battalions, dark green and single-breasted
closing at the front with a single row of six buttons of the battalion colour.
The coat had long tails, extending to the rear of the knees with double turn-backs and square-cut cuffs with two buttons at the trailing edge, one above and one below the cuff.
Tails were decorated with vertical pockets with three points and three buttons, collars were upright and open at the throat to expose the black stock worn beneath.
Collar, cuffs and turn-backs were of the regimental facing colour and both collars and cuffs were edged with yellow for all battalions, at the upper, lower and leading edges of the former and the upper and trailing edges of the latter.
In addition, the 1st Leib-Battalion's had yellow lace batons decorating the collar and the
buttonholes of the cuffs.

Battalion Facings 1803-08
Unit Facings Buttons Waistcoat
1st Leib-Battalion Scarlet Brass White
2nd Battalion Brick-red Brass White
3rd Jäger-Battalion Poppy-red White Metal Dark Green
4th Battalion Claret-red White Metal White

1809 Coat.
The new coat issued in 1808 was dark green and single-breasted with short tails and was closed
at the front with a single row of nine brass buttons.
The collar was high and upright and open at the throat, cuffs cut square with two buttons, one on the cuff and one above.
The collar and cuffs were black, turn-backs scarlet and collar and cuffs were edged with orange tape and decorated with orange lace batons as had been worn by the old Leib-Bataillon.
The fusilier companies after 1809 wore shoulder straps of black piped with yellow.
Elite companies had French style epaulettes, scarlet for grenadiers and green for voltigeurs.
In 1809,alterations were made to the uniform, the lace decorations were removed from collar and cuffs and collar, cuffs and the front and base edges of the coat were piped with yellow, the turn-backs became dark green with yellow piping.
I believe it's correct!


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