British Greek Light Infantry 1813

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British Greek Light Infantry 1813

Post  wfrad on Mon 15 Dec 2008, 9:40 am

Iíve put this in the med category because itís the Greek islands rather than the main land.

The Greek Light Infantry was raised around 1809 for local defence in what were then the British possessions of the Ionian Islands.
Field officers were British, company officers were Greek chieftains, rank and file were made up from the chieftainís tribesmen. The second regiment was raised in 1813 and command was given to Richard Church with the rank of Lt Colonel, Church raised the first regiment as a major but was under the command of Sir John Oswald.

The first regiment having the Duke of York as Lt Colonel [on paper] was granted the title Duke of Yorkís Own.
Blandfordís Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars by Jack Cassin-Scott has a front and rear view of the uniform.
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