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Post  wfrad on Sat 10 Feb 2018, 10:08 pm

Is it me, or has the Internet Archive gone pay to view.
It appears that many of the out of print, and out of copyright, books are no longer available to download or even read on-line.
Daisy books  seems to be the main source, books supposedly scanned in China and available for reading or borrowing, at a price. Rolling Eyes

It’s seems strange that once Daisy Books  started this service, all of the books that were previously available to read or download have disappeared or are impossible to find.
Books that were available have gone, only the Daisy copy appears to be available.
I typed in ‘Indian Army Uniforms’ ‘always available’ and couldn’t find a copy of a book to view or read that was available in the past.  Searching with the ‘text’ criteria just brought up a load of pamphlets.
I also tried other search options like 'army uniforms' with the same result, vanished books.  
In the past that search would have brought up dozens of books to read.
For example in the past you could find a good collection of the G.I. series, now all I could find were the Daisy books.

Has the site lost it’s way and gone commercial?
Is it worth bothering with?

Daisy appear to be farming all the popular books, including out of copyright, and taking over the site, surly to do this they must have some sort of deal with the site.
I couldn’t find an alternative copy of any book if there was a Daisy book, please tell me I’m wrong. Suspect
If I'm wrong please let me know Very Happy


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