smallest Army since the Boer War

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smallest Army since the Boer War

Post  wfrad on Thu 19 Oct 2017, 12:01 am

Defence shake-up means our smallest Army since the Boer War

Surly there's something wrong about this statement:
"Defence sources have told The Sunday Telegraph that five light role territorial infantry battalions cost a fifth of the amount needed to train a regular infantry battalion."

If you look more closely at the numbers for the infantry today, in reality it may be the smallest army since the 1750s.
I havenít got the most up to date figures, but I would say that thereís twenty regular regiments with around a total of forty five battalions.
Cavalry/Armoured Corps, ten regiments.

Compare this with the army of 1751 before itís expansion for the Seven Years War.
Guards 3 regiments, Line infantry 49 regiments and Cavalry 23 regiments.

A direct comparison would be impossible to make due to the advancements in modern warfare.

The government seems to be relying on the reserves and technology, rather than a reasonable sized regular army.
A drone canít hold a bridgehead and aircraft are still prone to bad weather and pilot fatigue.
So if the enemy outnumber you ten to one and come when itís bad weather, you're screwed.


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