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Posters US Army

Post  wfrad on Sun 01 Oct 2017, 9:00 am

Reproductions of paintings depicting American soldiers from the Revolution to Korea.
Artists?  details are as given with the images.

DA Poster 21-32 Remagen Bridgehead, 7 March 1945. Here, on the Ludendorf Bridge crossing the Rhine at Remagen, Combat Command B, 9th Armored Division headed by the 27th Armored Infantry Battalion with superb skill, daring and esprit de corps" successfully effected the first bridgehead across Germany's formidable river barrier and so contributed decisively to the defeat of the enemy. The 27th Battalion reached Remagen, found the bridge intact but mined for demolition. Although its destruction was imminent, without hesitation and in face of heavy fire the infantrymen rushed across the structure, and with energy and skill seized the surrounding high ground. The entire episode illustrates that high degree of initiative, leadership and gallantry toward which all armies strive but too rarely attain, and won for the Combat Command the Distinguished Unit Citation.

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DA Poster 21-37 Merry Christmas, Trenton, New Jersey, 26 December 1776. "General Washington here matched surprise and endurance against the superior numbers and training of the British, and the Continental Army won its first victory in long months of painful striving. Trenton eliminated 1,000 Hessians and drove the British from their salient in New Jersey. It saved the flagging American cause and put new heart into Washington's men. Alexander Hamilton's Company of New York Artillery (now D Battery*, 5th Field Artillery) opened the fight at dawn, blasting the bewildered Hessians as they tried to form ranks in the streets. *While this may have been true when the caption for this painting was written, a reorganization and re-designation changed the unit's designation to 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery, which today carries the history of Alexander Hamilton's artillery company.

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DA Poster 21-38 The Road to Fallen Timbers Banks of the Maumee, Ohio, August 1794.
Anthony Wayne commanded the Army, enlarged in 1792 and formed into the Legion (now 1st and 3d Infantry Regiments). He trained it into a tough combat team to beat the Indians of the Northwest who had twice whipped us. The Legion advanced into Indian country, feeling its way cautiously. On 20 August 1794 it tracked down the foe, routed him from behind a vast windfall, and destroyed his warriors. Thus the way cleared for the new nation to expand into the Ohio Valley.

{Maybe the Indian Nations didn't quite see it as 'the way cleared' for the expansion of the new nation}

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