MAD eBay prices

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MAD eBay prices

Post  wfrad on Wed 07 Jun 2017, 3:29 am

While searching for information on South American uniforms I came across this old eBay listing.
Even if the price [$425.00] is a misprint, paying that amount of postage [$35.00] for a CD! Iíd want it delivered in person.
Also, better hope that the CD is of a higher standard than some of the Google and Kindle scans on offer.

I find e-pub great for text but very poor for images, yet there seems to be more and more image reference books appearing in e-pub. †
I must be using the wrong reader, I can manage to enlarge the text within a book but not the thumb nail size images thatís in them.

Question, has anyone found an e-pub book on Military History, uniforms and insignia thatís better than pdf ?


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