Rangoon Police 1901

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Rangoon Police 1901

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SECTION I – General Directions.

792. The different uniforms ordered for officers down to and including the rank of head constable, are prescribed below, and any variation from them is absolutely forbidden.

793. On all public occasions, when the Lieutenant-Governor is present, officers shall wear uniform, dress or undress, as may be ordered. Uniform must always be worn when on duty in a Court of justice, on parades, inspection duties, and in office. Swords need not be worn in court, but sword-belts and cross-belts shall be worn in Sessions Court.

794. Officers of the same rank employed together on the same duty should be similarly dressed. Military decorations and medals are to be worn with the tunic only, and on the left breast. Ribands of medals and decorations will be worn with undress or mess dress uniform. Watch chains and trinkets are not to be worn outside the uniform.

795. Burman Supreintendents, Inspectors and Head Constables may wear the regulation paso on duties other than parades. In every other respect their uniform and equipment are similar to those of European officers.

796. It is the duty of all Superintendents and Inspectors to call officially on all Magistrates who may be posted to Rangoon.

SECTION II – Uniform of Superintendents.

797. The uniform for officers of the rank of Superintendent consists of -

(1) Full dress – cloth tunic and trousers.
(2) Undress – serge patrol coat and trousers.
(3) White drill patrol coat and blue serge trousers.
(4) Mess uniform (blue cloth).
(5) Mess uniform (white drill, blue kamarband).
Note.- For mounted duties, blue cloth pantaloons.

798. The helmet will in all cases be the ordinary white military regulation helmet, with the Rangoon Police badge, and a silver or plated spike and chin strap. The pagri shall be of white muslin. With undress uniform the helmet may be worn without a spike and with a leather chin strap.

799. The boots worn with the above will be Wellingtons or ordinary plain side-spring ankle boots. For mounted duties the boots shall be of the Infantry staff regulation pattern.

800. Spurs shall not be worn with undress uniform, unless when on mounted duties. The spurs to be worn with full dress uniform shall be crane necked steel spurs fastened with straps or steel buckles and steel chains under the boots, or steel or nickel crane-necked spurs fitted into spur boxes, as the case may be.

801. Gloves shall be worn on all parades, and with full dress uniform. The gloves shall be of the ordinary brown leather pattern.

802. The sword shall be the regulation rifle with steel or nickel scabbard. The sword knot shall be silver cord with acorn.

803. The sword belt shall be of black leather with silver or plated mountings, fastening with ‘R.P.’ plate. The pouch belt shall be of black leather with silver-plated whistle and ‘R.P.’ device in centre.

804. The uniforms for Superintendents shall be of the same pattern as that worn by District Superintendents, 5th grade, in the Burma Police. A Superintendent of the 1st grade shall wear two stars; others, one star on the shoulder-straps.

805. Officers of the rank of Superintendent shall supply themselves with horse furniture as follows:-

Saddle – Hunting, with plain stirrups and blue girths.
Bridle – Infantry mounted officer’s pattern, blue headband and bosses, white picketing rope.
Wallets – Brown leather with black patent leather covers.

SECTION III – Uniform of Inspectors

806. The uniform of officers of the rank of Inspector consists of -

(1) Blue serge patrol coat and trousers of the same pattern as the undress serge uniform of Superintendents.

(2) White drill patrol coat and blue serge trousers.

(3) Mess uniform – white drill and blue kamarband.

807. Inspectors are not expected, unless directed in individual cases, to supply themselves with horse furniture or blue cloth mess uniform.

808. As regards boots, helmet, gloves, swords, belts, &c., the orders are the same for Inspectors as for Superintendents, with the following exceptions:-

(1) The sword knot is of white buff leather.

(2) The pouch belt has no badge, only a whistle and chain.

809. Inspectors shall wear the following badge on their shoulder-straps – ‘R.P.’ in block letters.

SECTION IV – Uniform of Head Constables

810. The uniform for Head Constables shall consist of -

(1) Blue serge patrol coat and khaki pantaloons and blue putties (or pasos) and forage cap.

(2) White drill patrol coat and paso and forage cap.

811. Head Constables shall not wear swords but shall wear a pouch belt similar to that worn by Inspectors.
They shall wear a badge consisting of ‘R.P.’ in scroll letters on their shoulder-straps.


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