Bloodline by Iain Gordon

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Bloodline by Iain Gordon

Post  wfrad on Fri 10 Apr 2015, 3:09 am

Bloodline by Iain Gordon.
A very good book if you look around for the best price tag, 160 pages plus.

Nice introduction and charts are very easy to navigate although some have so many amalgamations to fit onto one side.
Along with the charts there’s some additional information regarding battle honours.
There is also a small section on the disbanded regiments, showing the badges of the regiments that’s often missed by others.
The line drawings of the badges are small but like the print, small but viewable.
I wanted an update to my Brereton and Hallows books, this appears to do nicely.

The bad, that really isn’t too bad.
Print a little small but if that keeps the cost down I’m not complaining.
Precedence & Evolution section has six columns starting with 1751, 1861, 1881 post Cardwell, 1881 post Childers, 1922 and 2008.  If the title appears in black then the regiment is or was current for that period, grey indicates it was or is part of an amalgamated regiment.  
Since some amalgamation fall out of the columns criteria they are missed, not a major problem.
However since only current regiments have a page number and amalgamated regiments are on several pages it’s a case of flipping back though the section until you find the page number you are after, or alternatively flipping forward to find the regiments page.
It shows the Gurkha’s are shown to be transferred to the Indian army 1947, since the Gurkha’s were part of the British Indian army and neither Indian or British, it should be show that they were transferred to the British army and new Indian army.
Some of the Dragoons are a little muddled also the Infantry,  for the later is that there’s no mention of the 1960s brigades.  Although not an amalgamation  badges were changed and new titles given.
I still prefer the lay-out of my Brereton book with a traditional full index which is missing here.

I’ve scanned a couple of pages that may give a better idea than my rambling.



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Re: Bloodline by Iain Gordon

Post  ChrisF202 on Fri 17 Apr 2015, 10:15 am

Wow, nice find! I shall have to add this book to my collection Very Happy


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