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Eyes Wide Shut

Post  wfrad on Wed 18 Mar 2015, 4:45 am

From the Daily Mail page regarding the British Teenagers who tried to join ISIS:
'But the families today pledged to do 'everything possible' to ensure the girls returned back safely. 
In the joint statement, they said: 'We, the families of missing schoolgirls, pray for the immediate safe return of our beloved daughters. We feel our loss more acutely on Mothers-Day as we look over to their beds and see only the spaces left behind by them.
'We will continue to do everything we possibly can to ensure our girls are brought back to us safely.'
The families also used the statement to again lash out at authorities, suggesting the school, Met Police and the local authority 'failed to act appropriately and pass on vital information'.
They said: 'As parents, we expect the safeguarding of our children to be the top priority of schools and the local authority whilst our children are in their care.
'Had we been made aware of circumstances sooner, we ourselves could have taken measures to stop the girls from leaving the UK.'
The schoolgirls are understood to now be in the terror group's de facto capital Raqqa after fleeing the UK last month.
The girls were pictured going through security at Gatwick Airport last month, dressed in Western clothes.'

No mention of community leaders failure to alert the authorities regarding anyone with links or sympathetic leanings towards ISIS.

The first thing that would come to my mind would be that I had failed them as a parent, yet they make no indication of failing as parents themselves.
Blame the authorities is much easier/safer than looking closer to home.
Most parent's haven't a clue what their teenage children are up too, though when it hits the fan they don't generally scream foul, and just blame the authorities.
Teenagers know, not think, that they know best and will do their best to prove it.
Just got too try and educate them and hope for the best...
Any thoughts?

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