British Lirary service

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British Lirary service

Post  wfrad on Thu 17 Jul 2014, 9:20 am

I try to use the local library if only to keep it open, local government will use any excuse to shut down a service and the best one is the lack of usage.
Mainly it's just a case of going in and finding nothing of interest, then attempting to order something of interest.  
Only too find that I can purchase the book on-line for cheaper than the cost of ordering it just to read.  
Also if I purchase a book on line I will generally receive it within days rather than weeks.
With that in mind, here's few examples from their web site.
Don't get too excited, bottom line, the British Library service sucks compared to some other countries.
I say that because most of the links are for bits of out of copy write material, when the full book/item could just as easily be made available.

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