Microsoft's Windows 8

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Microsoft's Windows 8

Post  wfrad on Sat 01 Feb 2014, 9:31 pm

If you hate or have no use for the Windows 8 start screen try IObit’s Start Menu 8 [].
Windows 8 was driving me nuts having to get past all of the apps, but with Start Menu 8 I can actually begin to use the computer as a computer and not a notepad.

My opinion, not worth a much but here it is!
Microsoft have learned from past mistakes and have made some form of agreement, probably a cost reduction, to have companies force Windows 8 onto the unsuspecting.
Far too many companies are refusing to give the option of Windows 7 as standard, as such Microsoft can claim record sales for a product that was not really designed for the average desk top user.  Great for apps and cloud users who wish to use a computer like a notepad, sucks if you wish to use other programs.

One small example would be the Themes in Windows.  For a company which states that a piece of software is versatile and adaptable, unless you wish to alter files within your registry you have to have the Windows Themes or risk doing harm to the registry.  Not quite a problem for the desktop as you can just save an image into a folder and link it.  But for a versatile and adaptable operating system, shouldn’t you be allowed to keep your desktop and themes together in one place?
According to Microsoft sales are up, well yes if you are not allowing a great many retailers to give an alternative.
Wouldn’t a versatile operating system give the option of a Windows 7 skin rather than leaving it up to third party software?

Bottom line;
A great touch screen and app system built for cloud with an abundance of apps to collect, paid and free, with more passwords than the CIA.

For someone who just wishes to use a computer as a computer, it sucks, and its really just an overrated notepad for playing games and social networking.

Many will disagree with me but in a small workplace where everyone has more or less the same opinion, some reverting back to Windows 7 at their own expense something is not quite right.


Once again Microsoft have used the ‘It’s Microsoft's way or NO WAY’ approach.


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