Norwegian Police Troops In Sweden, 1943-45

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Norwegian Police Troops In Sweden, 1943-45

Post  Animal on Mon 27 Jan 2014, 8:09 am

The Norwegian police troops in Sweden contained about 15,000 men and women, and was comprised of:
* Rikspolitiet = militarized police
* Reservepolitiet = code word for combat troops
* Havnepolitiet (harbor police) = code word for coastal artillery

Chevrons were used for nco insignia (see lower right). Stripes were used to denote arms and services (branches) as on the British battle dress:
* Infantry = Red
* Artillery = Red and Blue
* Pioneers = Blue and Red
* Signals = Blue and White
* Intelligence and Security = Green
* Medical = Maroon
* Quartermaster = Yellow
* Automobile = Blue and Yellow
* Ordnance Technical = Red, Blue, Red

Sergeant was the senior nco rank.

Rikspolitiet was used to arrest nazi collaborators after the German surrender.

Three rikspoliticompanies and two reservpolitibattalions were flown by the USAAF to Finnmark, in order to reestablish Norwegian sovereignty. They are wearing white Swedish winter coats with the Norwegian flag. Weapons and equipment are Swedish army.


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Norwegian Police Sweden

Post  wfrad on Sun 22 Jun 2014, 10:08 pm

The chart's a little small to see, have you a larger image or source?
I've tried to find further information without much success but the two links below may be of interest.


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