German Army Swallow Nests

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German Army Swallow Nests

Post  pedroalfonso on Sat 09 Mar 2013, 10:46 pm

Hello everybody,

Any Info about the regulations of swallow nests used by fifers and drumers, buglers and drum majors of the German Army of XX century. I know that there are differences among them.

Thanks in advance


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Post  wfrad on Sun 10 Mar 2013, 10:25 am

Don't take this as gospel but as far as I'm aware!
Pre Third Reich the colours vary a little more but the basics are.
Prussian Jager's were red, black for Guard Schutzen, trimmed with eight golden vertical braids horizontally edged with a single golden braid. Line regiments braid was plain and the nests didn't have fringes. Guard nests had patterned with 3cm long golden metallic fringes. When nests didn't have fringes a thin strio of poppy red was visible beneath the horizontal braid.
Music Masters, each vertical band was of silver Music Master braid and was horizontally bordered by a narrow thin twisted silver cord from which was suspended 7cm long thin silver metallic fringes, regardless of button colour.
Prussian braid could have a pointed verical braid with the pointed end running down towards the bottom horizontal braid, while other states would have the standad square end.

Third Reich nests showed branch of service colour.
Drum and fife musicians had their nests constructed with dull grey braiding on backing of branch colour without any fringe.
Regimental bandsmen and trumpeters had their nests with bright aluminium braiding with backing of branch colour without any fringe.
Battalion buglers nests had bright aluminium braiding on branch colour with the addition of a 7cm fringe.
Worn on Field Service, Service and uniform tunic but not on the greatcoat.
Worn also be the panzer troops on their black panzer uniform.


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