Corrections to monthly plates

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Corrections to monthly plates

Post  Sean on Mon 18 Feb 2013, 1:23 pm

I have made a number of errors on my current series of illustrations, and would like to thank Petr Novák for sending in these clarifying notes.

"I am very pleased, that you chose the austro-hungarian uniforms as a topic of your latest series of illustration on . But, unfortunately, there are some mistakes in said illustrations.

1) Gendarme, Imperial Bosnia-Herzegovina Gendarmerie, 1908 - the tunic should be dark green (the same colour as in austrian or hungarian gendarmerie. See here:,, or here

2) Soldat, 87th Infantry Regiment, Korporal, K. u. K. Train, 1911, Feldwebel, Imperial Austrian Gendarmerie, 1913 - there was no 8 mm Mannlicher M97 carbine, but only 8 mm Manlicher M95 carbine.

3) Huszar, 3rd "Erzherzog Ferdinand Carl D´Este" Hussar Regiment, 1910 - the braid of hussar regiments of common army should be yellow-black for men and NCOs and gold-black for officers. The red braid was used by Honved (only by men and NCOs; the officers used gold-red). See here: , and here: . Your illustration thus depicts the man from Szegeder Landwehrhusarenregiment Nr. 3 and not from 3rd Hussar Regiment of common army. Compare: andéd-Husaren .

4) Korporal, K. u. K. Train, 1911 and Sanitärer, Kuk Armee Medical Services, 1909 - the sword frog is wrong. You can find the sketch (from Adjustierungsvorschrift für das k. u. k. Heer, Wien 1910, part I) of correct pattern inclosed. The first sword frog from right is for Pioniersäbel = Pioneer sword, which is used by your Korporal and Sanitärer (the second from right is for the same weapon, but for infantry belt, but your Korporal and Sanitärer used the cavalry belt; the other frogs are for bayonet and for infantry sword).

5) Feldwebel, Imperial Austrian Gendarmerie, 1913 - there was no Feldwebel in Gendarmerie (but Wachtmeister - there were cavalry rank titles in using in Gendarmerie). The colour of trouser should be dark grey up to black (despite of their official designation blaugrau Pantalons) - see here: . There was no rank insignia on the cuff in austro-hungarian military and gendarmerie forces (with exception of stripes for one-year volunteers). Insignia, which are depicted on cuffs of your illustration, are service stripes (one wider + one narrower for 3 years of service, one wider and two narrower for 6 years of service and one wider and three narrower for 9 years of service). The bayonet frog for gendarmerie men and NCOs was combined with sword frog. See here: . The sword was the same pattern asi in Imperial Bosnia-Herzegovina Gendarmerie.

6) Sanitärer, Kuk Armee Medical Services, 1909 - the correct designation for such soldier is Sanitätsoldat. See here:"

I will adjust the plates this evening



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