Finnish cavalry

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Finnish cavalry

Post  buistR on Sat 27 Oct 2012, 5:39 pm

A modern Finnish army band (c2009) in the distinctive grey and crimson uniform of the Finnish cavalry as worn during between the world wars. Below modern Finnish horsemen in the M1922 cavalry uniform - apparently service dress since a form of grey fur busby was worn in full dress. The M1936 issue substituted dark blue breeches for the too conspicuous crimson but retained the yellow stripes. Note the white arm bands worn showing a coat of arms in red and yellow.

Mounted troops proved more effective in heavy forest and snow than in more open terrain or warmer climates. Accordingly the Finns retained their cavalry as active service troops until the last squadron was disbanded in 1947. Operating in somewhat similar conditions the Swiss dragoons survived a further three decades before disbandment, leaving only ceremonial horse cavalry and mounted police elsewhere in Europe. Apparently the Chinese still maintain a few mounted detachments for frontier duties and the Indian Army has one mounted regiment claimed to be the last real (i.e.combat) cavalry in the world. It functions however as an essentially parade-ground unit with some internal security duties.


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